| How does one go about capturing the visage of the wife of the god of the underworld?  Why, with charcoal, acrylic, wood burning and a VAT of coffee, of course!
Sketching - I'm normally not much of a 'sketch it before you paint it' kind of girl, but things get tricky when you are working with multiple mediums as well as wood burning on a panel.  Pyrography (wood burning) does not do as well on top of a treated surface, which meant I needed to carefully consider what portion of the panel I primed with gesso and what I left bare.
After the initial layout, and partitioning of the face into painted and burned sections, I could start bringing out more detail and sketching in the hair and various natural elements to burn.
Charcoal and acrylic finish out the piece.
But wait - there's more!  NOW I decide to make a handmade and wood burned frame to match the piece.  And, brew more coffee.
The finished work was part of my exhibition at Valkarie Gallery in Lakewood, CO August 2020.
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