Inside the AK Organic Abstracts creative space... piles of panels, painted ceramic bowls, crimped tubes of paint, and pacing materials piled in corners... an artist's studio is as unique as they are.  Featured below are a few photos of my organized chaos.
Moira gets packaged for shipment to her new home!  Like every other piece, she shipped with branding packaging and personalized notes and cards for the buyer.
Every original piece greets its new owner with branded materials and personalized notes and wrapping.
Infinitia Possibilia was a gift for the client's wife.  Here, it gets carefully and lovingly packaged for shipping along with personalized and branded stickers and cards.
Reference books and magazines share space with uncapped paints and finished pieces.  My completely impractical whale mug is a great place for me to toss those brushes for quick access.
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